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You can’t be seen until you learn to see”- Seth Godin


Red Tape is a mul·ti·dis·ci·pli·nar·y full-service Studio working with interior designers, Architectures and corporate clients to create dynamic custom fine art. founded by two Orlando based artists Peterson Guerrier (Guerrier Studios) and Chris Jones (Art Jones Studio).  


We are not individuals, but a community of events, a community of human relationships that share a way of thinking. We form ideas through a collaborative process that encourages the exchange of varied perspectives.


We believe successful art is about being of the moment while holding onto key elements of the past. We don’t let what we know define us. We listen and we push ourselves to find new mediums and canvas. Charged with optimism, and committed to the promise of limitless possibility. ​ 


Peterson Guerrier

“Beauty is only the beginning of a conversation”. Peterson Guerrier grew up in Miami, FL, and attended Design and Architecture Senior High. Thereafter securing a Fine Arts degree from College of Creative Studies (CCS) in Detroit, MI.

Peterson Guerrier is best known for his work with the concept of duality. Whether through his painting or his photography, he has always expertly portrayed the juxtaposition between different extremes. In his paintings, Peterson's layering technique along with his use of color brings his works to life. When different elements of the paintings emerge they create their own intriguing storyline left open to interpretation. Seeking a more individual painterly result, Peterson instills in his work a strong sense of energy and tension. He incorporates an idea of Einstein’s, “Every physical description revolves itself into a number of statements, each of which refers to the space-time coincidence of two events A and B.” In many of Peterson’s series, soft deposits of color saturate the surface and fuse into one another. His vivacious and instinctual approach captures recognizable imagery by transforming the layers of color thus animating the multiplying shapes and energetic drips. Peterson’s work has been commissioned by various high-profile companies in hospitality and advertising. His work has been installed in Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, and featured in Boutique Design magazine. He has shown in galleries across the country, including The Mennello Museum of American Art, Aqua Miami Art Basel, Snap Orlando!, City Art,  The Grand Bohemian Gallery,  Redefine Gallery,  RGPL High Point market (NC), and  X Contemporary Gallery at Art Basel, Miami. Peterson currently lives and works in Orlando, Florida.

Chris Jones

Born and raised in St. Petersburg, FL, my experience with creating art started like most in my early years when I graduated from a visual art magnet program at Pinellas County Center for the Arts.  I developed my passions for drawing, ceramics, printmaking, and painting while attending Maryland Institute, College of Art, and graduated with a BFA in General Fine Arts.  Continuing my scholastic experience, I worked on a Masters in Art Education from Ohio University, and understand what it means to share your art knowledge and inspire creativity in others. That summer culminated in a ceramic arts program that was geared toward at-risk and special-needs children who were given the opportunity to create clay pieces for the local cultural arts center which featured all of the children’s works in a show titled “Playing with Fire”. Following my journey to Arizona, I worked in community colleges and helped to maintain ceramic supplies, and instructed students when needed.  My professional art career began after moving back to Florida where I started working as an art consultant meeting designers and clients to match up amazing artists with incredible opportunities to show and sell their work.  I currently create artwork in my home studio and at Red Tape Orlando.
In today’s fast-paced-insta-reaction-5 minutes-of-fame-wifi-world, real artists are needed more than ever to help process and communicate the visual world around them.  Just as the invention of the camera shook the foundations of the traditional art world in the 19th century, the virtual frontier is beginning to reshape the world around us with augmented realities that blur the line between digital and real-life.  It’s also in these spaces where audio and visual recognition devices are constantly looking for ways to capitalize on our “likes”.  Visual artists are tasked to sort through these technologically driven artificial intelligence influences and offer humanity a real slice of life – to hold the mirror up to society and show its true nature and its repercussions.  If a machine can be programmed to create artworks and virtual worlds, artists have to show what makes us human, our passions, our emotions, and our relationships with each other.  Handmade is finally making its way back into trend, and that is where I will always be creating and communicating the visual world around me.​

We believe that whether you're an Architect, Interior designer, or art consultant specializing in residential or hospitality, we can tailor to your specific needs. So look no further: we're here and can't wait to see what we can create.
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101 E Pine St, Orlando, FL 32801, USA

Tel: 407-490-3091





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